You’ll receive an email with tracking info when it ships. I am working as hard as I can to get orders out. Spring is typically very busy for the industry, so please be patient! I did not forget about you!

The beauty of having a website with inventory is that it represents what I have available. If it’s not listed, it’s not in stock. 

If you search for a plant you want and find a previous listing (out of stock status), you can input your email to get notified if and when it is added. 


Currently, I do not export out of the US – this includes Puerto Rico and Guam (sorry!). It’s hard enough keeping up with domestic demand!

We are open Sunday and Monday 9am – 2pm for locals unless otherwise noted on our social media (holidays such as Christmas and New Years may change this). 

We are also at many local foliage and garden festivals so be sure to check out our schedule!

If you have an existing order, you can’t edit it – but you can place another order, choose ‘Local Pickup’ to avoid the extra shipping charge, and add in the customer notes that it’s an add on to a previous order.

Nope, your add on is in the package, but because only one invoice can be associated to one tracking number, the add on can’t be in the tracking email. It’s clunky, but the best I can do right now. Just be patient and your entire order will be there soon!

If it’s large, white, semi-transparent splotches, that is hard water stains from our wonderful Florida water. I usually don’t clean the leaves before shipping as to not possibly damage a plant that’s already set for sitting in a box for a few days. It’s harmless and easily removeable once the plant is settled. I use diluted white vinegar wiped with a paper towel and then rinsed with fresh water and dried by patting with a soft cloth or towel.

If it’s a brown spot, it’s probably from Liqui-Dirt. It’ll wipe off with no issues.

If it’s tiny white spots, it’s paint overspray from when we painted our greenhouses. Oops. Again, harmless and will wipe off with a wet towel or a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then thoroughly rinsed. 

Some plants are drama queens as soon as they dry out. Begonias are one of them. Unfortunately, packages left in mailboxes, on extended trips to their destination, and in extreme heat will suffer the most. Thankfully, most foliage will restore turgidity within 24 hours of potting and watering. Here’s an example of a Harmony’s Red Hots that I “stress tested” and watered thoroughly.

Depending on the extent of shipping damage, some leaves will not recover. If there are still wilted after 48 hours, trim them off and new foliage will grow quickly.

Nearly every order is different. Packing a Begonia is different than packing a 36″ Colocasia. Here’s a video giving you an idea of my packing method:    

Currently, we aren’t staffed for wholesale volume but that’s not to say we won’t ever be in the future! 

Keep an eye out for any announcements regarding if that changes 😉

Frequently Asked Questions