With social media running rampant, I was under the assumption that blogs were obsolete. With Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook keeping me busy enough, I wasn’t about to extend myself to writing in a digital diary. Yet here we are.

Aside from fleshing out the constraints the each social media platform has – from the limited image upload with Instagram to the “I’m the last to hop on the TikTok bandwagon” learning curve – I found that one of the hardest things to manage was lack of control.

Instagram and Facebook are one in the same, meaning their algorithms throttle visibility as a result of a few things. It could be lack of audience engagement, throttling after a really popular post (c’mon just give us a couple bucks to feel that popularity high again), and if you’ve ever paid for advertising on Facebook, expect to pay forever. They know you’re good for it, so unless you boost that post, nobody’s going to see anything.

It’s the same reason you won’t find us on Etsy or Ebay. I can’t bring myself to pay outrageous fees in order to skim off the same customer base I could with a little SEO knowhow. So here we are.

I also find myself wanting to share so much more than what social media expects. They assume their user base has a 3 second attention span (in most cases, they’re right), so horticulture articles and deep write-ups on an exciting new cultivar really isn’t something for an Instagram. 

Additionally, I want that creative freedom. I want to post 50 images without a character limit. If I want to drop excessive F-bombs, I don’t want to end up in Zuccy Jail. I want to be able to see my audience interact with me because they want to  – not because I paid to be allowed to share it. 

So I spun up this little blog so I can put the things that I think up in the greenhouse on paper, to share exciting news, growing data, info on a new plant, or just plain writing to decompress. And you know what, feel free to read – or don’t read – just know I didn’t pay my way onto your screen